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Magic Laptop Repair Burbank offers computer data recovery for both hard drives and all kinds of external devices. We offer quick and affordable data recovery, which means we will use our experience and knowledge with hardware and software to retrieve your data. We are often very successful at recovering data using one or more software applications to fix the directory and scan the disk.

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Great services

Without your services all would be lost! Your prices and services are outstanding!!! Thank You a lot!!!

We can expertly recover files for Mac and Windows formatted hard drives in desktops, laptops and external devices. We recover files for less with affordable flat rates and fast free evaluations. At our Burbank, CA office we offer disc recovery and disk repair, recovery and upgrades for all Apple and PC media including RAID recovery.

Magic Laptop Repair Burbank has experience recovering data from hard drives and external devices. At our company we’ve been doing it for our customers for over 20 years. We use software and hardware tools for data recovery, and if your drive needs more sophisticated recovery, we can also offer more advanced computer data recovery services.

It is very important in a RAID data recovery scenario that you allow only an experienced recovery company such as Magic Laptop Repair Burbank to work on your RAID device or server. If the disks are handled incorrectly, it is possible to destroy the data making the data recovery impossible. If a hard-drive in a typical computer is formatted the likelihood of data recovery is fair to good; if you format or work on any individual drive in a RAID set without the proper tools you could easily make the likelihood of data recovering impossible. Unfortunately we have received plenty of hard drives and RAID devices that have been incorrectly handled making RAID data recovery impossible. Letting our experts at Magic Laptop Repair Burbank to look at your RAID server first will greatly increase your chances of getting your data back. For  more inforamtion about data restoration and computer and laptop repair, read our blog.

Magic Laptop Repair Burbank  offers the best data recovery services to recover your valuable data from damaged hard drive and RAID arrays. Call us today at: (818) 337-4400