About us

Since 1992, Magic Laptop Repair Burbank  has been helping home users and businesses in Burbank, CA with their data recovery and computer repair solutions. You don’t have to wait 30 minutes on hold to get an answer or ship your computer back to the manufacture. With same day onsite service we will resolve your computer problems in the shortest time possible. For over 20 years Magic Laptop Repair Burbank  has been helping companies to be more productive and keep costs down. Because businesses both large and small live by the phrase; ‘time is money’ and cannot afford to be faced with computer failure due to software or hardware problems. With preventive maintenance, Magic Laptop Repair Burbank  offers a complete line of computer support services unique for your business.

Do not trust your priced and private information to just anyone. Magic Laptop Repair Burbank has a record of data recovery services that is unmatched. We treat each customer individually, and Magic Laptop Repair Burbank keeps all information recovered in the strictest confidence. Call us at (818) 337-4400 at the first sign of any data loss; we will quickly work with you and your company to recover data efficiently and fast according to your privacy data policy.

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Computers and computer hardware are human machines; they are subject to failing on occasion. Even the most advanced backup system may have a imperfection. Do not trust your data recovery to just anyone; call Magic Laptop Repair Burbank at (818) 337-4400 today and learn more about our pricing, computer repair service, laptop repair service and computer repair certifications. You will be glad you did.