Some Mistakes You Should Avoid Doing

As a reputable company that offers an impeccable computer repair service, we have witnessed many problems. Some of them were inescapable, but then others could have been easily avoided. This article is designed to help you elude the common mistakes that can lead to big trouble when computers are involved.

  1. Having no antivirus software

It is really important to have a good antivirus software installed, especially if your PC is running Windows. You might also want to set your program to update automatically to maximize its potential. There is no need to spend money – there are a lot of good free programs out there.

  1. Hoicking cables out

Even if you are in a hurry, make sure to carefully remove any cable from the computer. Some cables have plastic tabs and others even have screws to hold them in place. A yanked cable can break or damage the computer port. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Repairing a damage caused by a cable can prove to be quite expensive.

  1. Letting Whiskers the cat sleep on your laptop

Sure, little Whiskers loves to sleep on your warm laptop, but then again letting him do it all the time is a very bad idea. A likely scenario is the fan getting clogged with the cat’s hair, thus causing the computer to overheat. If you really do have a cat, make sure you open and clean your laptop every now and then.

  1. Obstructing any air vents

Every computer has air vents that dissipate heat. If you block them in some way for a long time, a highly damaging overheating may occur. Make sure you avoid this if you want your computer to function properly. Some computers have their air vents on the bottom – in that case just use some kind of stand. They are actually plenty of those on the market.

  1. Drinking

No, it is not about alcoholism. Even if you do have such a problem, make sure not to drink while on the laptop. The type of liquid does not matter – if you spill something on your computer, there is going to be damage. I know you will keep on drinking near the laptop anyway, so just be careful.

You can easily avoid getting yourself and your computer into trouble. If, however, you require a good computer repair service in Burbank, CA, do not hesitate to call us. We will help you with whatever the problem is! Contact us now at (818) 612-7070!