The Most Common Laptop Hardware Problems

Laptop repairs are our speciality. The reason for this is the fact that laptops are much more vulnerable to problems than desktop computers. On top of that, they are not as easily serviced by their owners – if you lack the technical experience, some of these problems will leave you very confused and frustrated. For your technical enrichment we have outlined the most common laptop hardware problems.

  1. It’s dead.

The laptop does not turn on at all, despite the effort. There are several possible scenarios that may lead to this outcome. The first and least horrifying one includes the battery draining completely because of a malfunctioning AC adapter. Maybe the DC jack has to be replaced because it makes no contact with the motherboard. The worst scenario by far is the one with the failed motherboard. If that is the case, just go and buy yourself a new laptop.

  1. It’s alive, but the screen is not.

Everything seems to work okay, except for the fact that the screen does not show any image. It is completely blank and black. This may be the result of a memory failure – one of the memory modules may have malfunctioned and the laptop refuses to turn on because of that. Consider contacting a company that performs laptop repairs for this kind of problem.

  1. It’s turning on and off like crazy.

This points out to some kind of problem with the motherboard. There is a slight chance that it could be a memory-related thing, and if it turns out to be, good for you. If the motherboard is dead, better buy a new laptop.

  1. It makes a strange noise while working.

In most cases the annoying noise is produced by the cooling fan or the hard drive. In any case, some part of your laptop has to be replaced. Try to find out which component is responsible for the god-awful sound and get rid of it.

  1. It’s the Blue Screen of Death! No!

The laptop shuts down, freezes or shows the dreaded blue screen of death. You can also feel that it is really hot on the bottom. This usually is a heat-related issue. What happens is the cooling fan gets clogged with dust, and the laptop cannot breathe properly. The processor overheats and shuts down. Simple cleaning of the fan should be enough to fix this problem.

Most hardware-related laptop problems can only be solved effectively by a good laptop repairs company. If you have such problems in Burbank, CA, do not hesitate to call us – Magic Laptop Repair Burbank. You can contact us at (818) 612-7070!